« LES VIGNERONS DE L’OCCITANE » better known as « CLAMERY » is a wine-grower’s cooperative constantly evolving during the last ten years. It is the emanation of 9 wine-grower’s cooperatives ( Autignac, Bousquet d’Orb, Magalas, Laurens, Lodève, Octon, Puissalicon, Servian et Valros) located in a large area.

This WEALTH of SOIL and technological know-how and human performance have allowed developing and offering of a diverse gamma recognized for its quality.

The « Vignerons de l’Occitane » has totally redesigned the grape variety of their vineyards with a TRACEABILITY FROM THE PARCEL TILL THE BOTTLE. Traceability upstream from the primary production:  the grape and traceability downstream  where each step answers to the methods of hygiene and food safety.

For the sake of a constant quality research, the Vignerons de l’Occitane interact with their subsidiary structures SCEA CLAMERY (dedicated to the vineyard) and the SAS WINE GROWERS OF ROZEILHAN (dedicated to the marketing). Their concern is to take a fresh look to the future with the introduction of new concepts of production and strict quality controls in order to move towards an innovative viticulture.

The Vignerons de l’Occitane practices since 2000 the principles of sustainable viticulture, because they are not only concerned by the environment and wildlife, but also by the consumers.

Today, the wines are from an environmentally friendly viticulture and follow good farming practices: