Through the soils of “ Vignerons de l’Occitane”  we travel among different magnificence landscapes which are as diverse as the soils composing the vineyard.

The vineyards of Valros, Servian and Puissalicon are planted in plains and semi clay limestone hills influenced by iodized misty from the Mediterranean Sea close by.

Higher, the hillsides of Magalas, Autignac and Laurens are situated in a limestone zone formed on villafranchien levels where you can appreciate all the aromas from the scrubland under the summer sun.

Always higher on Bousquet d’Orb, the surprising terraced vineyards will make dream the nature lovers when the colours of the leaves change on the brooms on the limestone grounds of Mont Sénégra at 800 m height.

Finally, near by the lake of Salagou, the red soil vines of the hillsides of Octon and Lodève are nourishing the grapes there where nobody thinks it is possible, on clay and red rocks who accumulated the heat of the burning sun at the moment of maturity.

A little trip on these territories offers a total change of scenery in a few kilometers.

The richness of this diversity results in the CLAMERY wines, it is the mix of personality, aromas and warmth of different soils of the Vignerons de l’Occitane.


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